You cannot imagine what she did to save this little kitten! Wow! (Video)

She saves this little kitten

After a heavy rainstorm in St. Albans in Virgina, United States, the Westside Volunteer Fire Department were called in to help around the city. When someone is in trouble, whether it be an animal or a human being, often you do not have time to wait for help to arrive. Timing in that case can mean the difference between life and death!

Nothing is more amazing than rescuing animals in need and saving them a second chance at life, those humane people who are doing their best to rescue animals in unconditional situations are those who are giving us faith that there is still some kindness and love left in this world. The woman in this video knows this very well! In fact, after hearing the desperate cries of a little kitten drowning inside of a water drain pipe, she realized that there was no time to lose! They tried to locate its place, they found that the little kitten is trapped in that pipe, she is helpless and unable to come out, but there is a woman who decided to save this pure soul, and it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

A true hero!

This woman did not hesitate for a second to throw herself to the ground and crawl into the drain, while another held her by her shirt and legs. The woman threw herself on the ground, then she crawled inside the drain pipe, and at the same time, the rescuers held her shirt and legs, so they can hold her back when she catches the kitten. It was a struggle, it was very hard to find the kitten, but in the end she found the little kitten, she was tiny, scared, and cold. It’s hard to hold on something like this.

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