When this cockatoo finds out he is going to the vet, his reaction is PRICELESS!

His reaction is priceless! (Video)

Cockatoos are beautiful creatures, and they are as intelligent as they are good looking. They are known to bond well with humans, but do need constant care and attention. Many of us loathe the idea of having to go see the doctor and it seems like this bird isn’t a fan either. In this clip, Max the cockatoo discovers that he has to go to the vet and he’s not so pleased about it.

When the owner suggests that Max should get into his carrier, Max goes into a tizzy and throws a tantrum. According to his owner, “Max knows when he sees his carrier that it’s [time for] a visit to the vet and gets pretty vocal about it.” Clearly, Max isn’t looking forward to the visit to the vet. The owner shows his persistence in trying to get Max to go, but Max stands his ground and continues to mock and yell at the owner.

He doesn’t want to go to the vet!

In this video, the bird is heard having some choice words with Dad. He doesn’t want to go to the vet. The funny pet even hides under a table. The bird speaks in gibberish, but you can tell he isn’t a happy camper. Even though his owner tries to explain to his bird that he needs regular visits to the veterinarian to stay happy and healthy, Max refuses to listen! When he starts yelling, he sounds just like a toddler arguing with dad. And just when you think it can’t get any crazier, he makes his crest stand up to make his point. Watch the video, it’ll make you laugh out loud. Max is using his own words that just he understands for the most part.  How funny!

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