What this dogs does when his humans aren’t home is absolutely GENIUS

What the hidden camera captured is hilarious!

Okay, who really knows what dogs do when their humans aren’t home? No one, basically. The only way to find out is to record all of your dog’s actions while you’re away, but not many people have the time or patience to do that. These pet parents, however, were so curious that they couldn’t help but spy on their four-legged friend.

Most Beagles always seem hungry. They will do anything to get food, especially to get some yummy human food! Maybe you think you have your pretty pooch well trained enough to leave it alone. Jumping onto the counter and table is one thing, but finding the perfect plan to open up the oven is quite another story. She tried several different ways and her entire thought process is evident in the cute video. Several trials and errors later, she came up with the perfect plan!


Source: www.wcti12.com


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