You have to see how this little boy comforts a sad dog while his owners are away!

This will give you the feels

Growing up with dogs can be an incredibly positive experience for kids. Not only do children who live with dogs tend to have higher immune systems and be more compassionate, but they also get to grow up with the best friend they could ever dream of. Trying to figure out how to navigate this big crazy world can be really hard for a little kid, but having the emotional support of a best-friend-dog can make it all that much easier. As any dog owner knows, pet dogs are not like family members, they are family members. They might have a little bit more fur than the human members of the family (most of which is deeply embedded in our couches!), but they are just as loved, and of course love us back!

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed to join their human family members everywhere, so sometimes they need to be left with different humans. Naturally, a lot of dogs miss their humans while they are away. While staying at a friends house while his owners were away, a beautiful Black Lab named Burt became a little homesick and missed his family. Burt kept looking out the window of his pet sitter’s house when his humans went away, and missed them so much.

This sweet little boy will melt your heart!

Luckily for this dog, he had an adorable pet sitter to comfort him while he was missing his family. Jack understood how sad he was, so he stood next to him at the window and gave him some comforting strokes. It is so cute to watch this young boy feel such empathy for a sad dog, and stand by him to keep him company and comfort him. Watching these two wait by the window and the gentleness of this sweet little boy will melt your heart.  Get ready to catch a serious case of the feelings, because this video is absolutely amazing!

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