Watch this adorable pup grow up a year of life in minutes!

A year of life in minutes!

A lot can happen in a year. People can change, learn and grow. And the same can happen with animals, particularly dogs, who tend to change a lot in their first year as they grow more confident in the world. In this video, we spend one year with a Golden Retriever puppy as he develops. One moment, Cooper is being brought home by his owner. Next thing you know, he’s part of the family, running around, getting baths, playing with a tennis ball (or not), frolicking across the beach, swimming in the ocean, and even graduating from “Doglando”.

Everyone who has ever brought home a puppy knows that the first year is filled with so many precious memories and adventures. Cooper the Golden Retriever puppy was brought home one year ago. To show just how much he means to his family, Cooper’s Daddy made this heartwarming time-lapse video. In it, we get to see just how fast the little guy grew up, as well as a mashup of all the fun activities they got up to in the space of a year.

Dogs grow up too darn fast!

It’s a video that illustrates just how much a dog can change in such a short span, and it’s pretty endearing to watch, particularly if you’ve ever experienced the joys of raising a puppy yourself. I was certainly getting nostalgia. Hopefully, you enjoy it just as much. Starting with his first ride in a car, to the first time Cooper got his paws wet in the swimming pool, trips to the beach, and finally that incredibly delicious, sprinkle-coated birthday cake specially made for dogs! Dogs grow up too darn fast and this video is proof!

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