This dog was so heavy, he couldn’t even walk. Admire what he has become!

Admire what he has become!

Last year Kale Chips weighed 86lbs, and the poor dog was so overweight that he could barely stand up or walk. He had been overfed by his owner, who had severe memory loss. He eventually had to be rescued by Happy Dog Barkery, who began to monitor Kale Chips’ diet and increased his exercise.

Kale Chips adopted a new lifestyle of reduced portion sizes, daily walks, and swims to help him drop some pounds and return to a healthy weight. One year later, he’s lost half of his body weight, and now weighs a healthy three stone. Beth Staley, who runs Happy Dog Barkery, said: ‘When he came to us he was morbidly obese. He was in a lot of pain and was such a a grump because of it. There’s been such a change. He’s reached his target and he’s doing great. He’s able to enjoy life now. He loves to run and swim and chase squirrels. All things he couldn’t do before.”






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