This Dog Refuses To Go Into His Kennel And Makes It Clear To His Owner!

He refuses to go into his kennel! (Video)

Sometimes, people and animals have more in common than we might think. Blaze, the beautiful young Husky in this video, is obstinately resisting his owner’s suggestion that he go to sleep in his kennel. In this case, the owner is just doing it to tease the pup, but all of us have probably resisted our bedtimes just at fiercely at one point or another. And because he’s a Husky, which is a very verbose breed!

Freedom, it’s what every human wants but we often forget that animals want that same freedom, even in small amounts. Our pets too often end up in cages or in kennels, waiting for us to return home for the day. Some are comfortable and turn into the pets’ own safe place, while other crates turn into a dog’s jail cell. No one likes being told to go to their rooms, but Blaze especially doesn’t like to be told to go to his kennel. This beautiful dog even goes as far as vocalizing his protests in a hilarious way.

A hilarious answer!

His protests are quite comical and he doesn’t budge an inch for his guardian. As his frustrated owner tries to move him, the dog uses his body weight to become a dead weight. Blaze obviously doesn’t like the confines of his kennel and just the mere mention of going to them makes him “speak”. He has developed an impressive talent to fight for his freedom and this video is a definite must-see!

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