This “Aggressive” dog never knew what love was until he felt her touch… Poignant moment!

He never knew what love was

They called him “aggressive”. They thought he was a dangerous dog. But it just goes to show how often dogs are incorrectly labelled and put aside based on preconceptions. Cruz is a beautiful brown Pit Bull who first appeared at the City of San Bernardino Animal Control shelter in California. One of the shelter’s volunteers, Maria Sanchez, knew better than to just blindly accept what they said about Cruz.

When she went to visit him in his kennel, the poor lonely pup was crying with sadness. But Sanchez knew she could win him over. With her gentle touch and a little coaxing, Cruz begins to soften up. He clearly can’t resist, getting closer and closer to her soothing voice, until finally he’s completely stretched out in ecstasy. But Sanchez still can’t quite reach the Pit Bull through the bars… Finally, Cruz comes right up to the bars and completely surrenders himself to Sanchez’s affectionate petting. So much for “aggressive”!

A loving touch!

It was like a switch had been flipped — once Cruz got a taste of a loving touch, it was all he wanted. This pit bull, initially labeled as “aggressive,” was now pressed up against the bars of his cage so he could get more lovin’ from Sanchez. This heartwarming video proves that a little care and compassion can go a long, long way for a shelter dog.

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