A shirtless man risks life to save a dog that fell through a pond’s thin ice!

He risks his life to save the dog!

When most people come face to face with an emergency situation, they immediately call the police, and then whip out their phones and begin filming, which is exactly what one Russian man did when he saw a dog fall through the thin ice of a pond. Yet as he filmed, an unknown hero, who was shirtless and shoeless, saw the struggling doggy and knew there wasn’t enough time to wait for first responders. Instead, he sprinted onto the ice that wasn’t thick enough to hold a dog’s weight, nevermind his, and got to work rescuing the freezing dog.

The dog fell through the ice of a frozen pond and couldn’t pull himself out. The pup surely would have drowned or died of hypothermia if it weren’t for an unknown shirtless hero who bravely crawled out onto the ice to save him. Not every hero wears a cape or, as it turns out in Russia, clothes!

This man deserves a medal!

To keep the ice from breaking more, the man got down and laid down on his bare chest and tried to reach around and grab the dog’s neck. Unfortunately, the doggy was petrified and began biting his rescuer and barking, but even after getting bitten in the hand, the rescuer persisted and managed to pull the animal out by the neck. There’s an old saying, “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” In this case it should say, “Never bite the hand that saves you.” Watch the entire video, which has gone viral with over 500,000 views, to see this incredible moment!!!

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