She Puts The Webcam On Her Dog. The Dog’s Reaction? Absolutely Hilarious!

The dog’s reaction is absolutely hilarious!

Her Border Collie started growling when she turned on the laptop’s camera, so she hit record to catch her in the act. You’ll want to see the dog’s reaction, trust me!

In this video, a dog is perplexed when it is introduced to a webcam. Shifting its gaze from the screen to her owner as if to ensure that she is really there, the poor dog is so confused that it actually starts growling at its mirror image. Losing its video innocence, the dog can’t stop staring at its reflection and the results are really hilarious. Holding back giggles, in the end the owner contends that her pet don’t like to be filmed. All that is left to wonder now is if the dog would be a mac or PC kind of pup!




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