Her dogs acted strange around her boyfriend, so she sets a hidden camera!

Watch what she caught on camera! (Video)

A twenty six year old lady from Rio de Janeiro, noticed that her dogs were acting awkward since her boyfriend had moved in with her. Along with that, she was also noticing unexplained injuries in the body of her beloved pups Gucci and Victoria. Ninna said that the vet could not determine the origins of the bruising, but the bruises kept appearing. Totally confused about what was going wrong with them, she was determined to find out the reason behind all that. Then, she set up a hidden camera on her room and discovered a disturbing secret.

When she saw the record the cam had captured, she was completely stunned! What she found is sickening. The collective length of this footage is under two minutes long. This guy was home with these puppies all day. I can’t imagine what else they must have been put through. “That person that we have received in my house, with all the love and affection, was able to commit the atrocities You are going to watch. We do not have words to describe such cowardice with beings so pure and helpless that never did wrong. The only feeling that I have is the remorse has not noticed before to spare them.” – Girlfriend.

Thankfully he got caught!

We hope that this man will not be allowed to approach any other animal in his life !!! It’s difficult to even call this guy a douchebag, he is so far beyond any word that I know to describe a despicable person. Thankfully he got caught, now let’s just hope he goes to prison where he’ll be needing his own table to hide under. Watch the video as a good reminder to pay close attention to your pets and to take note of any sudden changes in behavior.

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