A Senior Dog Can No Longer Walk – But Wait Until He Sees His Owner After 4 Months!

Watch this beautiful moment! (Video)

For anyone who has gone through it, being away from your family and loved ones is one of the hardest things that anyone can go through. Whether it be for business or for health, people are often forced to separate from each other for countless reasons. So when this unnamed soldier had to fly far from home in order to attend basic training and boot camp, one of the most difficult parts of her whole experience was saying goodbye to her family and her dog.

But after three and a half months of successfully going through the grind of boot camp, this military soldier got the chance to come home and be welcomed by her loving family. While she’s certainly missed them all, one of the moments she was very much looking forward to, was getting the chance to hug her dear senior dog named Buddy. She’s a beautiful 13-year-old golden retriever who has arthritis and has nearly lost all of her hearing. Though she can’t hear her human tell her how much she loves her, she can certainly feel the love when she gets hugged.

Welcome home… I miss you!

Thank goodness Buddy was there to hug and kiss her human who missed her so much. Every single military soldier deserves to have a “welcome home” like this one, and every single dog deserves to be treated with this amount of love and respect! People often say that animals have long lasting memories, but there is always that part of our minds that doubt just how true this may be. This video would completely clear whatever doubts you have about animal memory! Although Buddy can’t hear her owner, the dog recognizes her instantly. Watch this beautiful moment!

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