Scared after the operation, this puppy kept crying but the vet is an amazing human!

Prepare to fall in love! (Video)

This dog, named Meesha, came to the facility with her brother, Charlie, when they were six weeks old. Her previous owners could not take care of her and surrendered the siblings to BARCS. Life can be scary when you’re a puppy growing up in a shelter. It can be even scarier when you’ve just been put under anesthesia by a team of humans with sharp tools. That’s where Dennis Moses comes in. Cameras caught a sweet moment between this dog and a surgical assistant after an operation.

Moses is a veterinarian’s assistant at BARCS Animal Shelter, in Baltimore, Maryland. Dennis is an amazing human who works to save animals’ lives every day, he enjoys comforting dogs when they’re confused after surgery. He says, “If you’ve ever had surgery, you wake up, and you’re not sure where you’re at. It’s a scary thing even for dogs and cats, especially being in the shelter and being that young.” but when the surgery’s done, he takes it upon himself to comfort the dogs.

A sweet moment!

The video shows Moses calming Meesha with kisses and gentle words. Meesha needed to be calmed as she recovered from anesthesia after being spayed. The pup was scared and disoriented because her body didn’t feel right. She’s doing great. Her surgery was a standard spay procedure, and she’s now been adopted by an awesome new owner. We wish her all the best…who obviously need lots of love and lots of love to give! This moment touched my heart! Well this video will certainly make you go hug your pets! It’s a tender moment!

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