Pregnant dog refuses to give birth when foster parents are stunned by her ultrasound!

Stunned by her ultrasound! (Video)

Chris and Mariesa live for their dogs. In fact, they have a whole houseful of four-legged family members. The couple rescued all of them from shelters and gave them a new life with their family. Although Chris and Mariesa already had their hands full with all of their other dogs, they wanted to save one more. But the dog in question wasn’t like any of their other pooches. Because their new pit bull, Storie, was pregnant and about to give birth.

When Chris and Mariesa first saw Storie, they immediately fell in love with her. She was about to give birth, and it hurt to think about the pregnant pit bull delivering her babies in a shelter. Storie, and especially her puppies, would feel uncomfortable there, as shelter life can be incredibly stressful on newborn puppies. Storie’s ultrasound showed that she was expecting an astonishing 12 puppies!

They realized that something was wrong with her!

Chris and Mariesa understood that a dozen puppies would be a lot work—but at the same time, they couldn’t just leave Storie there with so many babies in her near future. So they decided to take the pregnant pit bull home and care for her and her puppies until the puppies were ready to be adopted. They gave Storie a quiet, safe place to get ready to give birth, which they expected would come within a week. They realized that something was wrong with her, she was refusing to give birth. Watch the exciting video, this story will warm your heart!

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