Man gives starving dog some food, but she refuses to eat, so he decides to follow her!

Watch what he has discovered!

A generous Good Samaritan shared some of his grilled chicken to a stray dog in the streets of Bangkok, Thailand but it disappeared after taking a bite on one piece. But then the dog came back for more, to the kind-hearted man’s surprise, the doggie didn’t eat it. She just took it and ran away.  So the puzzled guy decided to follow her through the market and see why she still wanted to ask for another piece when it had already eaten one serving.

In the cute footage, the dog is seen happily taking the meat and running off through a market. Amazingly, the dog seemed to be excited as the Good Samaritan followed. It kept looking back to check whether the guy was still on its tail. The kind stranger follows the dog as it scampers along, before eventually reaching a garage. What he saw when she finally stopped was truly heart-melting.

Surprised everyone!

After walking for several meters, what he saw next surprised everyone. He discovered the dog’s secret – it has babies! That’s why it was still hungry for more food even after eating a decent serving of grilled chicken! It also shows that this mommy dog wanted to make sure her babies are well fed… Watch this heartwarming moment!

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