Little kitten had trouble climbing the stairs until that German Shepherd did THIS!

Kitten can’t get up the steps

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of help from our friends. And this doesn’t just apply to humans, but to animals as well. Animals help other animals, animals help humans, animals help inanimate objects — they don’t discriminate! The German shepherd is probably the most versatile dog in the world and when it comes to being of service to others, it is the first to come forward.

I have seen lots of unusual animal friends on the internet. I am sure you have as well. The first time I saw a cat get along with a dog, I was floored. They have often been stereotyped as each other’s mortal enemies. But as it turns out, cats and their canine counterparts can be very good friends! They even help each other out! The dog, named Tennyson, at first climbed a few stairs on his own, with the fluffy feline, known as Moo, following him.

So Sweet!

But Moo had difficulties, and consequently, the German Shepherd, that is the star of this video, does not hesitate to take it gently in its jaws to help the little kitten get the job done! Tennyson just can’t stand to see his little buddy struggling to make her way up the staircase. That’s when Tennyson turned to Moo and simply lifted her up in his mouth and carried her all the way to the top of the stairs. He then gently put her down on the landing and lied down so that they could hang out together up there and enjoy the view. So sweet!

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