His friends didn’t believe that his dog does this every night…So he filmed this as proof!

The camera films this as proof!

When a dog wants to wake their human up in the morning they usually do it in some sort of abrupt, sudden, rough type of fashion. Who can blame them, they’re often restless after a long night of sleeping and have to either go outside to use the bathroom or they know it’s time to eat soon. Others may simply be excited to see you, or want to play, and so they try their best to rouse you from your deep slumber!

While some dogs bark and whine until you give in, others will jump up on the bed and nuzzle you until you finally throw back the covers in defeat. Such is not the case for this dog. Instead of slobbering all over her owner she uses a calmer, quieter, more gradual sort of method. Unfortunately, his friends never believed. Then to bring a clear proof of his words, he decides to hide a camera in night-shot mode in his room to film the whole scene.

The morning ritual!

The adorable and impatient Grey just want to start the day with a delicious breakfast and a few games to play. This guy is awakened early, far too early… Unfortunately for her owner, this charming morning ritual begins around 4:30 am every day! Watch the video, this has become such a pattern that Grey is now considered the alarm clock of the household. To those who are concerned, she has a dog door and full access to the backyard so this is just to get some attention or for some play time. Her owner said “Please don’t worry about her needing us to let her outside.”

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