HEROIC moment: Firefighter jumps into freezing river to rescue dog!

Heartwarming and Heroic moment

Police and rescue crews didn’t hesitate before jumping into a freezing cold waters in order to extract a dog that had fallen through the ice, and couldn’t crawl back to land. Two firefighters have made this day brighter by their heroism in the face of the icy Charles River. When the fire department took a call from a frantic dog owner, officers went into action to rescue Crosby.

Dispatchers relied on the caller’s smartphone GPS location to pinpoint exactly where they were along the river, according to police. “This information was absolutely critical in directing responders to the correct area,” officials said in a video of the dramatic rescue. The five year old Golden Retriever, was stuck roughly 50 yards off-shore, and could not crawl onto the thin sheets of surrounding ice to make it back to its owner, because it kept breaking around him.

Cold and shaken!

Two firefighters suited up in cold water survival gear and inched their way out onto the ice until they broke through to reach Crosby. Dramatic footage shows the two men bravely towing Crosby back to shore with the help of rescuers pulling with ropes on land. Once on shore Crosby was checked out and swiftly walked to a waiting, warm squad car and a dry towel. She was cold and shaken, but seemed to survive the ordeal as best as could be expected. Shortly thereafter, Crosby was re-united with her owners. Watch the harrowing but ultimately heartwarming video. Crosby is one lucky pup!!!

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