Heroic dog chases off armed robber to save store owner

This dog chases off armed robber

CCTV footage from the Mont d’Or tobacco shop in Manosque, France, shows a terrifying scene that fortunately has a happy ending. Just as the owner of the shop was closing up for the day, an armed and masked robber attempted to hold up the store owner while he was outside taking out the trash.

A terrifying, yet incredible, scene as an armed robber entered the store, waving his gun around and demanding money, before being chased off by the store owner’s protective, loyal four-legged friend. The man quickly retreated into the store, but the thief followed him. The man then runs behind the counter, and unleashes his large dog. Together, they proceed to fight off the gun-wielding thief.

Man’s very best friend!

That’s when the shopkeeper’s dog, 4-year old Hobby, came to the rescue. Hobby fearlessly approached the robber, barking and biting, forcing him to retreat. Both the dog and owner were unharmed in the incident and the robber left empty-handed.

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