Heroic dog saves her puppies with the help of the firefighters!

Watch this beautiful moment!

Erhan Erol, a resident, called firefighters as he noticed eight puppies that were stuck in a drainage canal at the Kumbahçe beach near the touristic town of Bodrum. The rescue mission could have easily become a recovery mission…the puppies were about to be drowned as the canal was slowly filling with seawater.

The rescue team that arrived shortly afterwards stopped the rising water, but couldn’t reach the puppies by entering the narrow loophole. Firefighters tried to reach and save the puppies, but all their attempts failed. Hopefully the mother dog was near the scene under a balcony, feeding another puppy. One of the firefighters noticed her puppy looked very much like the other eight trapped in the drain.

Mother’s love!

Amazingly, one firefighter on the scene called her over to alert her to the scary situation. Then, she did what any mom would do – she completely stepped up. Never underestimate a mother’s love. The firefighters lowered her into the hole so she could pick up her puppies. One by one, she pulled them to safety! Without the intervention of firefighters, who help to descend and ascend the tunnel, this heroic dog would never have been able to save her puppies.

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