Her dog kept escaping all the time so she set up a camera. Here’s what she discovered!

Here’s what happened

This is a story of a tiny little dog called Sophie and a mighty German shepherd called Twitch and their friendship. “Sometimes” when the owners of this puppy Maltese are away from home, they used to put him in a cage for some minutes just to avoid losing him or hurting himself in the house, however they kept founding him free. No one in their family could understand how this little puppy escaped her crate! But you know what happens when you have two dogs under the same roof? Having strong suspicions about the German Shepherd, they placed a hidden camera…Here’s what happened!

The funny thing about having more than one pet is that they often end up acting just like siblings. These two are the perfect example of a big brother and a little sister conspiring to trick their mama. In this hilarious video, a pet parent though she kept leaving her little puppy’s crate unlatched, but it turned out there was a lot more going on than she thought.

Partners in crime!

It turned out that Julie wasn’t going crazy after all. Apart form the fact that they become amazing friends, they also become partners in crime and they absolutely love busting each other when one’s guilty! Julie was latching the crate all right, but Twitch had figure out that if he took the blanket off his little sister’s cage, he could unlock it and let her free for some more play time. Looking at the video, they found the guilty!

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