Heartbroken mom misses her puppies, but has no clue they’re standing behind the crate!

Heartbroken dog mom misses her puppies

Sidewalk Specials is run by animal hero Rachel Sylvester (born in UK she originally moved to Cape Town to further her acting career. But she found the desperate struggle of the city’s abandoned dogs heart-breaking, and it changed the course of her life), who has created a unique rescue organization that it takes “rescue” out of the shelter environment and straight to the public. “We run adoption days at busy Cape Town markets, have our dogs in foster homes wearing self made ‘Adopt Me’ jackets and have a strong and modern presence on social media. Most of my rescues are straight from the streets, or called into me by vets who would otherwise have no option but to euthanize,” she says.

Rachel received a text message about a litter of seven puppies who needed help. Neglected by the humans she trusted most, this mommy dog was having difficulties nursing and caring for her puppies. Moreover, when other humans finally intervened, they confiscated the sick puppies and left the mamma dog to continue to struggle at the hands of her owners. In fact, the poor mama must have thought that she’d never see her pups again.

An incredible reunion was about to take place!

The owner agreed to surrender all seven, but not the mother dog“How bad can it be?” Rachel thought. But when she picked up the puppies she found them in terrible condition, ridden with fleas, ticks and worms, and already missing their mother terribly. Rachel knew it was only a matter of time for the mama dog to fall deathly ill. She needed to rescue her, too — and fast. Finally, the owner agreed to give up the mother dog and an incredible reunion was about to take place. Take a look at the video, just wait until you see the moment Mama realizes that not only is she safe and sound, but her adorable babies are right behind her!

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