He thought it was a stone but when he got closer, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

He couldn’t believe his eyes!

GoPros are known for capturing some extreme moments: Sky dives, cliff jumps, treacherous climbs, and anything in between. But sometimes, GoPro owners capture moments that are more poignant than your average adventure tale, and this moment is one of them. On his 21st birthday, Rafael Pease headed out with a friend to ride some fresh powder in Chile to celebrate. However, things took an unexpected turn. While they were skiing in the powder, they noticed something that looked like a big stone or a rock.  But as they approached, they realized that it was a horse in distress, stranded in deep snow halfway up the mountain.

Rather than riding on, Pease decided to investigate further…this noble steed was stuck and starving to death, frozen to the spot. They fully filmed the rescue operation thanks to Pease’s GoPro. The two friends began digging snow to clear the horse. They used an avalanche shovel to dig the horse free, before feeding it. Next, they created a makeshift harness and painstakingly led the horse down the mountain, through deep pow and along groomed pistes, before finally making it back to base. After four days stuck in the snow, the boys reunited the lucky animal with its owner.

He would have died if we had done nothing!

I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, and I’ve realized how important it is to take care of others – be it people or animals. And that’s exactly what my friend and I did. We hope this video can inspire others! Not only to live his life to the fullest, but to help others too! “Wrote Rafael Pease on his blog.

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