Guilty dog is confronted about eating TINSEL…Watch his adorable reaction!

Watch his reaction when confronted

Dogs are like humans, just better. They laugh like an human, the cry like an human, they experience, feel, touch, hear like an human, they love like an human. Just better. They also feel guilty about something wrong that they have done, most of humans don’t! When a dog is being confronted about doing something wrong, like for instance he chewed or destroyed your favorite shoes or bag or furniture or any thing that has a big value for you, most guilty dogs would give that sweet apologetic face, while some would run away and find a hiding place.

This funny dog is guilty of chewing up and eating the tinsel. And when confronted by his mom about it, he gave his mom a sweet apologetic look. Like he was saying “Hey! I’m sorry mom, please forgive me.” It seems that this dog understands every word his mom says! But he doesn’t know what to do. Maybe he knows that he is in big trouble so he decided, since daddy is there too, to hide behind dad’s his arms, as if asking him to protect him from his mommy!

He is in big trouble!

What a cute dog you are Boomer! With that sweet face and your clever tactics, I think your mommy just can’t get mad at you! And with this adorable way of hiding, you surely won’t be able to get enough of him! He is just to cute and adorable! Important: Be sure to be careful with the Christmas decorations at home, that can be extremely dangerous for your pet. Watch the video and meet this funny guilty dog!

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