Dogs show their guilt when owner interrogates them over chewed shoes, HILARIOUS reaction!

Their reaction to the interrogation!

Isn’t it crazy how dogs always know when they did something wrong? How many times have you left an object unattended in your home and your dog has used it as a toy to sharpen its teeth? Once again, in this particular case, the damage was inflicted on the usual unfortunate shoe but it is when the owner begins the interrogation that the fun commences!

Buenos Aires teenager Daniel Martino discovered the chewed-up sole and interrogated his dogs — a long-haired dachshund and a pit bull — to find out which one committed the heinous crime. The video begins with two dogs sat side by side but the grey pit bull definitely looks as though he’s hiding a secret as he looks to the floor. Both of them look pretty guilty, but based on the way the shameful pitty tries to hide behind his mate, it’s fair to pinpoint the wrongdoing on him. The naughty dog hangs his head in shame when he sees the ruined padding. He hides behind mate to escape interrogation!


The cameraman says: “Who was it? Who did this to my insole? Which one of you two was it?”. After an initial general scolding, the owner turns to the dogs one by one and it soon becomes clear who is the likely perpetrator. The Dachshund stares back at Daniel as he asks: “No it wasn’t you, was it?”. But as the grey pit bull tries to hide behind his doggy pal, Daniel confronts him, saying: “Mr, you over there, did you do this, I am talking to you, look at me.” Just when the Dachshund thinks he’s off the hook, the owner says to him: “You’re an accomplice in all of this.” However, since they are loyal canine friends, we can see the look of mortification on the faces of both dogs. The funny video has already had almost 4 million views!

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