Toddler Approaches Gorilla, Gets A Bit Too Close And Has Parents Dying Of Laughter!

They surprise everyone

Isaiah was visiting the zoo with his mom Sherry Chute when they decided to go take a peek at the gorillas. Isaiah was gazing at the baby gorilla behind the glass wall when all the sudden Kamoli decided he wanted to play. One toddler had the experience every young child should have at least once—going to the zoo. Little tykes get to see a wide array of animal species all in one day, and they’re able to be up close and personal with them behind the safety of thick glass.

But Isaiah Chute got much more than just that. When a young gorilla, named Kamoli, started to play peek-a-boo with the two-year-old, the tot could not have been more excited. Lucky for us, the mom was able to capture the whole encounter on film. In the beginning of the clip, the toddler climbs on a ledge at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium to get closer to the two-year-old gorilla lounging in hay behind the glass. Chute then stands on the ledge for a better look at the gorilla enclosure, which is when the young monkey gets up and playfully hits the glass with his palm.

An unusual scene!

To just see that joy in his face, and to see that I can share that with the world… is just amazing. I’ll never forget that,” Chute added. “It was so fun to see him interact with the animals and know what they were. He was just so truly blissful in that moment, it melted his mommy’s heart,” said Chute.

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