Chained Outside In Freezing Cold For 4 Years Before “ANGELS” Rush To Save Him!

Chained for 4 years! (Video)

It’s always upsetting to see a dog looking defeated and hurt. Their expressive eyes are totally heartbreaking in these moments, and all you want to do is help them to feel better. This is exactly the look that Diesel had on his face during his time tied up in the freezing Yukon weather. For years, Diesel was chained, day and night, no matter the temperature. He was attacked by other dogs and was severely injured by a kick to the head delivered by a horse. These injuries left him with damage to his teeth and frozen blood stuck to his black coat.

It seemed like Diesel’s days were numbered. He had no one who cared enough to help him return to good health. Yet despite all his hardships, Diesel remained as lovable and kind as ever. When help finally arrived, he was ready to reveal his true nature after all those years of neglect. Thankfully, Animal Advocates intervened and came to Diesel’s rescue, before it was too late for the sweet dog. Diesel takes to the love and care like a fish to water. He loves getting pet and is a big boy happy to roll over so his rescuers can pat his stomach. Diesel was taken from the frigid Canadian winter and brought to a place where he could get the medical attention he needed to thrive.

The transformation!

Animal Advocates “got him into a wonderful and a fun rehabilitation camp and paid thousands of dollars in ongoing vet bills.” Because he had been abused and neglected for years, Diesel needed some training on how to deal with men. When at the rehab center, Diesel becomes fast friends with Romeo, another dog who has been rescued. Diesel is working his way towards finding a forever home with a loving family…Watch the video to see Diesel’s transformation from sad and neglected to happy and loved!

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