Cat faints and got stuck in a revolving door. Look at what this man is going to do!

Look at what this man is going to do!

Cat got stuck in a revolving door at a hospital’s entrance in Istanbul. The incident took place at a private hospital in Küçükçekmece district, and was filmed by the hospital’s security cameras and onlookers. Incredible footage shows how a cat was saved by a doctor – who restarted his heart after he got trapped in a hospital door. The cat stopped breathing and emergency service doctor Halil Akyürek and other doctors removed the cat from where it was stuck, and started applying cardiac massage.

The cat’s neck was totally stuck. He started having trouble breathing and floundering. I put my head on the back of his head and properly removed him from the door. We started applying cardiac massage right away, and other friends from the hospital also came by. As the cat responded, we stopped the cardiac massage and took the cat to the emergency service. Then I called a veterinary friend, who told us to administer a couple of medicines and instructed us on how to apply them,” Akyürek said.

They named him “Mucize” (Miracle)!

Akyürek adopted the cat after it recuperated, and named it “Mucize,” the Turkish word for miracle. “We sent the cat home that day, and I took him to the veterinary the next day. He was issued an identity card, and we named him Mucize. He now became the part of our lives. Even this morning he came and woke me up,” Akyürek said. This Hero said that many people sent supporting messages to him and other hospital staff after the incident was spread in news and social media. Watch the video, it was an incredible moment!


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