Brave cat tries to save his human from “Drowning” in the bath. Look what he did!

Brave cat tries to save his human

There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a nice hot bath. But what happens if your cat is totally against that? You’re just settling into a lovely bath when your cat appears in the bathroom and starts meowing desperately just like the lady in this video. She doesn’t understand why her cat is so agitated, he’s meowing loudly and then he tries to pull her hand out of the bath and even tries grabbing it in his mouth to pull it to safety.

This caring cat thinks that his human is drowning in the tub full of water! And who can blame him. A lot of cats have a fear of water so in his head he thinks he’s saving her from the evil tub! What a delightful cat who obviously has a lot of love for his human. The cat probably doesn’t understand why humans must like water anyways…

Facing imminent danger!

If his meowing could be translated, I believe it would say: “Mommmmm, Get out of this dangerous apparatus… Immediately! I cannot lose you. You are my world and you are in danger! Please take me seriously. Get out, MEOW!” This cat is so certain his human is facing imminent death that he tries to pull her out with his teeth. I’ve never seen something like this before, and probably never will. Does your cat do anything… odd or funny like this? Tell us all about it with your comments! We love animals and cannot get enough of them! This is such a cute, sweet moment! The cat is trying so hard to save her. Just watch what happens.

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