A Baby Is Crying Desperately… Just Watch What The Cat Does!

Watch what the cat does!

If we explored the myriad number of videos with pets as the protagonists, we would be inclined to associate empathy with dogs and elegance and pride with cats. It always seems to be dogs who are super into babies, but one cat is proving that he’s the best baby whisperer of them all. On closer inspection, cats are also capable of incredible acts of sweetness and selflessness, especially towards people in need.

Mothers always have an instinct for taking care of those who are in need, even if they’re not of the same species. This feline seems to be no different when it comes to the cries of her sibling. It seems that’s all this baby needed, someone to show that they cared and provide their warm presence to let him know that everything is okay. Anyone who says dog is man’s best friend, may not have seen this loving cat. To calm down the baby is not easy, but the family cat definitely tries to do its best. Forget babysitters — this cat is the only companion this baby will ever need.

No need babysitters!

This family pet jumps onto the bed and attempts to soothe the crying infant with purrs and cuddles. Being able to put a crying baby to sleep with just his touch? Now that’s incredible. During this baby’s time of distress, the cat gave him affection and comfort that silenced his cries and let him drift back off to sleep. This display of love is adorable – and you’ll have to see it to believe it. Watch the video, this kitty shows incredible motherly instincts when she hears her baby brother cry!

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