He asks his cockatoo if she loves him, the cockatoo’s reaction is PRICELESS!

His reaction is hilarious! (Video)

In the family of parrots, cockatoos have the distinction of being very friendly and entertaining birds that are very intelligent and ready to interact with their owner spontaneously and in unpredictably funny ways. All pet owners aspire to teach their animal friends a few commands. Some are successful, but let’s be real: most of us have a hard time just getting our dogs to sit, never mind perform any fancy tricks.

If you want an entertaining bird, then go with a Cockatoo! These guys are indeed highly entertaining and this is a stellar example of such. The love between the two is great, playing couldn’t end otherwise than with a few kisses that the bird “demands” to the man. What could be nicer than a playful cockatoo who loves his master so much and garnished him every time ?! If you were just listening (and not seeing what was happening), you may think someone has just lost their mind with all the laughter!

Unexpected reaction!

We all asked ourselves at a time how much our pet can love us. The man in this video, considering that it was the right time, he asks that to his parrot. But when Pebbles the cockatoo’s owner asked him a simple question, “Do you love me?” the well-trained bird had a totally unexpected reaction…and it’s absolutely hilarious!  The end is pretty cool too with the bird whistling and signing off! Watch the video, he will make you die laughing!

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