This mom reunited with her pups after rescue, her reaction was unexpected and touching!

This is the moment she’s reunited with her puppies

There are still people who say that dogs have no emotions, but this video suggests the opposite. Motherhood is not that simple word! It’s the true and particular meaning of emotions, feelings, unconditional love, selfishness, affection, and sacrifice. Mother have a pure heart which makes her willing to do anything just to ensure her babies protection, comfort, and happiness.

When humans are overwhelmed with emotions, we sometimes do crazy things. But one of the most common emotional reactions to sadness or anger is crying. Mother Dog is on the top list of the most affectionate Mothers. They are able to die just to save her puppies. But it was long thought that we were the only living things that shed tears when overcome with emotion. Well, when this mom dog was reunited with her puppies recently, she did something unexpected and touching: she shed tears!

An unexpected and touching moment!

Now, when she finally finds them, she is so relieved and glad that we have the impression that she’s crying. Some people believe that she really cries, while other Internet users remain on their position that dogs can not cry tears like humans. What do you think? Does she really cry or the dogs can not cry like humans?

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