A little boy is caught attacking a defenseless cat but the pet gets its revenge!

Caught on camera attacking a cat

A boy as young as five has been caught on camera appearing to kick and punch a cat before throwing it at a bush. Shocking footage shows the child – wearing a “here comes trouble t-shirt – appearing to repeatedly swipe at six-year-old Sky outside owner Neil Fisher’s home before violently throwing it into a hedge. But brave Sky bounced back and scratched the boy’s neck as she attempted to defend herself after suffering eight minutes of abuse. Fortunately Sky suffered no serious injuries, yet Neil claims he had the door slammed in his face when he attempted to confront the child’s parents.

The boy’s grandmother defended him!

Neil claims Greater Manchester Police are unable to take action against the schoolboy because he is believed to be under the age of criminal responsibility. The 35-year-old, who runs his own security firm, said: “It makes me so angry that anyone, even a child, thinks it’s OK to treat an animal like this.” Today’s the boy’s grandmother defended him. She said: “It’s my grandson. He’s only five-years-old, do you know what I mean? I’ve got animals and six puppies. He’s fine with them. They are all healthy. I don’t know if he was showing off or just being silly. We towed him up and he was sent to his bedroom. He was grounded in his bedroom for four hours for this and something else he did as well. We took his DVDs away and everything. I can see why they’d be annoyed at what happened to their pet. I get that he’s angry. But why have they put the video on a social network? Is that to shame somebody?”. 

Police are unable to take action!

“The police have said there’s nothing they can do because he’s a minor and the RSPCA have taken my details. Sky hasn’t any got any lasting damage, not that I can see through all her fur anyway. You can’t ask a cat how it is and they can’t exactly come in and tell you what’s happened,” said Neil. “I’m absolutely furious about it. It was heartbreaking to see an animal you love being treated with absolutely no respect.” However, he eventually tasted his own medicine as you can see on the video.

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