A fighting bull runs to him: What follows next is extremely beautiful!

What follows next is extremely beautiful

Bullfighting is still a common form of ‘entertainment’ in some parts of the world like Spain, Portugal, and many parts of Latin America. In these countries, bulls are bred to fight and very rarely survive their first trip to the ring. Frenchman Christophe has always had a special love for animals. A few years back he decided to do something special to show his support for animal rights. But this man didn’t just head to his local shelter to rescue a stranded cat or stray dog. No, he adopted a bull from Barcelona that otherwise would have been killed in a bullfight.

Both are changing minds and hearts about bulls and men. Christophe wanted to counter prejudices regarding bulls and he wanted to show everybody just how cruel bullfighting is. This bull was meant to be fought in a bullring, but he turned out to be much more of a lover than a fighter. Fadjen is four times Christophe’s size and has horn that can be dangerous. But Fadjen isn’t aggressive at all. He and his owner lay down in the grass, while enjoying a beautiful sunset. Christophe pets his friend, hugs him and gives him all the love he needs and deserves.

A beautiful friendship!

The video shows Christophe wearing a red sweater, a color that is supposed to upset bulls. The young French farmer discovered that the bull is as “faithful than a dog”. The two share a beautiful friendship! They are best friends and have a very special relationship.

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