A dog is watching a horror movie, see its reaction to the scariest scenes!

Watching a horror movie

This is one dog who won’t be frightening off any intruders. Maylo was so scared while taking in a viewing of the best scenes from the horror film The Conjuring that he had no shame about demonstrating just how terrified he was. He gets so frightened watching a scary movie that he has to hide behind a PILLOW!

Some people more than others feel frightened when they watch a horror movie, and apparently the same seems to hold true for dogs! Maylo, this cute Jack Russell, who enjoys horror movies more than we do, is a lot braver than us. Holding out much longer than we ever could, the pup is well into the movie when the jump-scares start coming.

The screams of terror!

He’s sitting on the couch intent on not missing a scene from the movie, but he is not brave enough to watch the most scariest scenes! In fact, as soon as he sees the images and hears the screams of terror, he immediately takes refuge behind the sofa cushions as if to say….”Turn off the TV!

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